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Food stylist working with photo and video projects, advising restaurants, writing recipes and lecturing. 

All the major things in her life have always revolved around the kitchen. 
It is the place where she searches for salt as well as for new ideas and that is where she finds them. The working area, the counter, serves as her altar. Each piece of equipment that she takes into her hands is a unique story from a trip where she was flirting with different principles of cooking.



She has found work in the kitchen of a top agency for food catering in Paris, the heart of outstanding gastronomy. The significance that a

well-presented dish carries has become the subject of her core interest. 

New York

In exchange for an authentic experience of colorful cuisine as well as the identity of Central America, she has served as extra help in local restaurant kitchens on many of her travels. The food suddenly acquired texture, tasted and had the color of the earth, the sea, and the sun. Extra schooling at the International Culinary Centre in New York which is a renowned school for cooking - producing well-known chefs has served as the icing on the cake on her journey.  


For her, styling is not just search for beauty, it is the color, the texture, the source, the purpose, the composition and also a way of life. 

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